One Piece 848 Spoilers – Vinsmoke Judge

Watch out for the one piece 848 spoiler and keep coming here to check the latest one piece 848 chapter scans.
one piece manga 848 is heading towards one more of its beautiful chapter which is yet to release this Wednesday. I knew Luffy would not manage to stay at where he was when he faced Sanji that is actually good because now Luffy and Sanji will confront each other soon and then shit is going to happen.

Big Mom hates Giants huh…What irony where she herself seems to be so huge.

Luffy proved again that he does not really plan to defeat BIg Mom NOW. He says he will take Sanji and does not say that he will defeat BIg Mom and leave.

Let’s say this too, If Big Mom is honorable on her agreement with Sanji, then Luffy will break that agreement. His mind is set on being Pirate King with his crew and he’s not going to leave Whole Cake island with him. I can see that scenario happening and causing a major problem with Big Mom.

Brook and Pedro are planning something huge that will definitely put Big Mom in a state of madness.

Commander Smoothie’s bounty must say a lot about her DF abilities, I’m wondering, who will fight her in the upcoming chapters. And what did she actually do to that woman?. Looks like she rung her out like a wet rag and drank her body fluids or something. gross.