One Piece 798 – One Piece Manga 798 Spoilers

Fujitora isn’t one who would kill people since his job as a Marine is to protect and not kill. Are you looking for the latest one piece 798 manga scans? Then, you have come at the right place because one piece 798 will be released here soon.
By the way, you can get an early spoilers of the manga every Wednesday while the scanlation version were out on Thursday.
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one piece manga 798

It may be likely that Bart would be able to escape with Luffy and co. We still have a lot of other strong pirates around who may be able to delay Fujitora. Perhaps some of them may get captured.

In whatever case, I’m prepared for any scenario in which it may play out.

In the current moment, I’m also happy for Rebecca and Kyros, as well as the entire Dressrosa and Tontatta kingdoms in that they are finally set free from bondage. Indeed, Koala reports on having found the “list”, making it sound like said list was the primary target of the Revolutionaries on Dressrosa… I think that back on the chapter 792 discussion someone guessed it being a list of the underground dealings of Joker (so pretty much a huge list of yet unknown brokers), but it could be anything at this point. even a groceries shopping list.

This one adds to the ongoing list of small mysteries for One Piece, like Barto’s suitcase (714), the supposed “real importance” of Momonosuke as a “trump card”

It really comes as an exercise in patience, waiting and surviving every and each week (plus hiatuses), when we can get only-so-much resolution on just-that-many pages. For example, another chapter of resolution on Rebecca and Kyros (a safe way for ’em to live in Dressrosa / public acknowledgement of their struggle) would probably be too much for me atm, even if it comes as something “needed”.

I hope that Bellamy is the one to “pull a Bon Kurei” and stay back if it comes to that… Barto needs even moar screen time~ Chinjao needs to officially put his navy under the Mugiwaras before going down (his son could forget it or something).