Naruto 688 Manga – Sasuke’s Teleportation and Chidori

It is pretty weird how Naruto 688 last time Sasuke tried Susanoo against her it was blown away in an instant, but now they’re in a mid-air boxing match. Though I don’t think he actually punched her there. I think she blocked his punch, or Sasuke blocked her own attack. His fists are pulled close to him instead of out in a punching motion.

naruto manga 688

naruto manga 688

Kaguyas trouble with Naruto and Sasuke lies in the fact that Kaguya simply isn’t used to competitive combat, while Naruto and Sasuke are practically the strongest fighters of this era.After Black Zetsu has been separated from his mother, will he be fighting on its own now? Maybe with that, Kakashi and Sakura will have their opponent, while Naruto and Sasuke will work on Kaguya. He’s definitely faster in a foot race thanks to having bijuu chakra to propel him, but when the Rinnegan is taken into consideration Sasuke’s obviously faster. I think the Hiraishingiri vs. Kamui explanation works best. There was no downtime between Naruto’s attack and his shunshin, but there was downtime between Sasuke’s teleportation and Chidori swing.

If he could actually attack mid-warp then we’d have a different result. And yeah, it’s possible the gravity slowed Sasuke’s Chidori as well. So there’s a lot more going on here than “Naruto moves faster than Sasuke can teleport.” Sasuke was fighting gravity and the downtime between teleportation and attack. Naruto had neither gravity to worry about, nor downtime between dash and attack.

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