Naruto 693 – Sasuke Canceling The Moon’s Tsukuyomi

Honestly though, I’d happily naruto 693 trade Sasuke’s complexity for Naruto’s. They were both complex characters, but Naruto regressed so much into a simple character while Sasuke has stayed complex. Might be biased, but I’d rather have Naruto’s character be complex again. Hopefully now that the war has ended, Kishi will actually do right by Naruto. Could have kept his development and still made him the charismatic ninja Kishi tried so hard to do. I mean, Naruto’s magic wasn’t that he was “inspirational” and cliche, it’s that he could relate to others based on their pain and worked hard to get past his own pain and make life better for himself.

naruto manga 693

naruto manga 693

That’s what made Naruto a great character and a better leader than he has shown in this war. Now though, I wonder how they will cancel the Infinite Tsukuyomi. We’ll probably see Naruto and Sasuke work together, Sasuke using his Sharrinnegan and Naruto using his chakra, to cancel the moon’s Tsukuyomi. Though, it shouldn’t exist anymore without the Juubi and Madara?I would like to throw this in, as Sasuke is the least manipulated character in the manga. How many times did he confirm Tobi’s story? Every single time. He only aliied with Tobi for a tailed beast and betrayed him the first chance he got. He did the same with Orochimaru. I have no idea why people plaster the label manipulated on Sasuke. I guess they simply just nee something to whine about him.

As far as complexity goes, then Sasuke – and Sasori even – are far too complex for this manga. If anyone has read Classic Tragedies – Greek Tragedies – then Sasuke ticks all the boxes of a man who falls from grace because of Hamartia.

Naruto 693 – Lectures by Itachi and Hashirama

Who’s running around Naruto 693 with a Rinnegan right now? Remind me, what happened the last time when two certain Rinnegan users have utilized a specific, non-nonsensical power?

I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Madara. Which makes me ill just thinking about it.

naruto manga 693

naruto manga 693

The fact that Sasuke has been into the revenge business from Chapter 1, and then started to think differently doesn’t tell you anything? Especially from all the lectures by Itachi and Hashirama?

With Madara the story went this way: lost his brothers, went apeshit and declared war on the entire world. The same with Obito: lost his friend-zoning “girlfriend” and declared war on the entire world. Doesn’t really strike me as someone who gave it a thought. Kaguya…lost… something (sorry I’m really not interested in going back and re-reading that junk again) and declared war on the entire world…Both of the clowns didn’t listen to anyone, and made up reasons as an excuse for their actions. Like that ancient tablet, for one…It’s the same base template for your generic Bad Guy reused over and over again.

There are some similarities, maybe. For one, I would prefer for Sasuke to try and persuade as many people to join his cause as he can unlike doing it the old fashioned “traumatized emo, one man army” way. The way that has been failing for….How many chapters now?

One Piece 761 – Big Mam encounter the Strawhats

The version One Piece 761 manga I read (kissManga) he pretty much said everybody was of lower class there . Including Luffy , Bellamy , Law and most likely Trebol . They dont have royal blood in them , so they was born useless and slum . That’s how Doflamingo was saying it .

one piece 761

one piece 761

I think Him betting everything on Luffy (since Fuji can’t attack or capture Doflamingo) means he’s going to let Luffy off this time . I’m hoping like Smoker and Aokiji .For Oda, to have Doflamingo reveal his past like this, tells me he will kill him off soon. And DD’s death will probably have a grand effect on the operations in the Underworld of the New World. This could lead into the next arc revolving around the other villains that made deals with Joker.

I’d still like to see, Big Mam encounter the Strawhats, maybe she’ll kidnap some of the members and this will continue the alliance between Luffy and Law.

Bleach 597 – Outetsu the Sword Smith

Seems like Kubo stays true to Bleach chapter 597 his indirect racism that no black character gets a decent fight.
We have:
Zommari:Got trashed easily by Byakuya(who is a noble racist)
Chad:always kissing the floor
Tousen:Only captain to get killed by a mid tier VC
Pepe:Gets defeated by a few fists of Kensei.
Yeah Kubo clearly likes his black characters.

I also assume that the most pathetic one of the RG’s will be Outetsu the sword smith well you know cause he is black and we know how good Kubo treats his black characters.

bleach manga 597

bleach manga 597

I’ve NEVER seen anyone call Mayuri the weakest Captain, in fact it has been the opposite due to his lol HAX science, he is always been ranked higher than soifon or Koma in versus threads.

Over all this chapter was a “meh” one to me, I hate that Rose and Kensei have to stay dead while the beloved Hitsyuguya gets to come out of this alive.

I would not have a problem with Love and Rose being dead if it where not for the messed up way they got killed, Gremmy killed them while they where defenseless and resting, they did not even get tot die in a real battle which sucks and just shows how much Kubo apparently hates the Vizards now.

Naruto 692 – Sasuke Uchiha

Nice Chapter. But i dunno why think i think this chapter naruto 692 has got no good moment other than madara and hashirama. Naruto and minato , obito and kakashi feels repeatative.

naruto manga 692

naruto manga 692

Woohoo, Tenten for Hokage *chuckles* but seriously, as much as i would love to see that, this was a pretty fun chapter and shows the end truly us upon the horizon…i can immagine MAYBE 9 more chapters, 4 of them maybe dedicated to each of the villages post war, perhaps 1 year in the future, while the remainder being what random people are up to now like Kakashi, the trial of Sasuke Uchiha, maybe a wedding or two, Naruto having his first dinner with papa Hyuuga (can picture him reaching for a sword for some reason), Hanabi, and Hinata, stuff like that. The rest should be good, and will look forward to the end…also looking for for next weeks hour long special in the anime that has Mecha Naruto as well as akatsuki members and Jiraiya since the new game is out around that time *chuckles*

One Piece 760 – Luffy will have rivals

Roger was one of the strongest one piece 760 and not the strongest and still became the Pirate King. Even Ussop could become the PK if he finds Raftel.
Luffy would have to be one of the strongest but not the strongest to make it possible that he and his crew reach Raftel safely.
Like Roger had WB and Garp who he couldn’t defeat Luffy will have rivals that he can’t clearly best too.

one piece 760

one piece 760

Well, I’ll be mad at Oda if he do so.
He would have waste our time all along. And you don’t waste several chapters on an hated character in order to make him more likeable so you can develop him and simply kill him to proove a point. Which is that Doflamingo is a real dick. A thing everybody know for sure by now since all the arc was build upon that. Dickflamingo everywhere.

No but seriously, if he had to kill Bellamy just because people wanted to, he would have done it during Jaya, the end.
The point to bring him back, in my opinion, goes further. If not and if it’s simply another Brownbeard, which I honestly think you can’t compare the two in any way – well I would say that’s some shitty writting right there in the end of the day.

If he does die, I expect him to do AT LEAST one good thing before that. Because, for real, I can’t recall a charachter being so beaten and bashed up except for Usopp, maybe ? No, seriously, I can’t… But with Franky’s beating, I truly begin to think that Oda have some anger issues to deal with… XD
Those faces…